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Fatboy: Feminism is the reason we have many unmarried women

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said empowerment of women has made scores of women stay unmarried which is affecting society.

Fatboy, while on Friday’s The Fatboy Show on RX Radio said that because naturally women want to marry men that are of a higher and better status than theirs, it is almost impossible to find a man worth marrying especially for career women.

“Feminism has left so little choices for women to get married. A woman that has a good job wants a man who earns more than her and, in most cases, such men are not readily available. What is available are men in the same status as these women or who are below them. This makes many choose to stay single not because they prefer being unmarried but because they can’t find a worthy man,” Fatboy said.

His co-host Olive Najjuma argued that women were forced to seek careers and other ways of making money because men were no longer taking care of their responsibilities as heads of families like the traditional society expected them to.

“You blame women emancipation for what is happening nowadays. Women were forced to go out and look for money because men were not taking care of their socially appointed responsibilities. When a nose is pressed so hard, it will bleed. Women got tired of begging and being treated like doormats, they decided to go out there and work and now we want to blame them for how much society has changed? How the future is doomed? she wondered!

The two were discussing a case in China where the Judge ordered a man seeking divorce from his wife to pay her an equivalent of 28million Ugandan shillings for the house work she did for him while they were still married.

“Imagine if such a law was introduced in Uganda? That is why I prefer to employ house help to do all my housework. I wouldn’t accept to pay my wife money to do house work which is her responsibility in the first place, I would rather hire another person to do it,” Fatboy said.

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