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RX Radio’s Olive; We can’t blame Security Forces in the Death of the 16 year-old boy in Kapchorwa

A joint security operation between police and UPDF in Kapchorwa District on Wednesday ended with the death of a 16-year-old boy and the arrest of his father who is accused of deserting the army with a gun.

Authorities said the boy, only identified as Timothy was shot dead in a fire exchange between his armed father, only identified as Kapchekweko, UPDF and the police at Kapcheli village, Kapchemwor Parish, Tuban Sub County.

Commenting on the issue during Friday’s The Fatboy Show, Presenter Olive Najjuma said that the incident, although disheartening cannot be blamed on the security forces because they were trying to disarm his father that was likely to harm them in that fire exchange.

“I don’t think the police and the army went to his house with the intention to kill a 16-year-old boy or hurting his brother. If their father had peacefully handed over himself, we wouldn’t be dealing with this tragedy. And in the first place, why dessert from the army with a gun? What did he want the gun for?” Olive said.

Her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy also noted that father was accountable for what happened to his son saying; “If you are armed and decide to involve yourself in a fire exchange with armed security forces, at least make sure that your children are not endangered. I can’t understand what the father was thinking, although I don’t know much about resigning from the army, there must be a proper procedure that a soldier can follow if they no longer want to be in the army instead of running away, much worse with a fire arm”.

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