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Fatboy: Feigning Torture Validates Claims That NUP Torture Victims Are Dishonest

Dramatic incidents happened yesterday near the Deputy Speaker Anita Among’s residence when protestors disguising themselves as physically disabled threw away their crutches and took off for their lives after being confronted by police.

The protestors were responding to the Deputy Speaker’s mockery directed towards Mityana Municipality MP Zaake Francis whom the protestors asserted that he was tortured.

Commenting on the incidents, RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy said that acts such as these cause more doubt about the allegations of torture that have been claimed by NUP members and supporters over the past couple of weeks.

“The events of yesterday where we atleast saw one protestor feigning torture validates the argument that maybe these guys aren’t truthful. That may be they claim torture when they weren’t subjected to any emitted,” Fatboy said.

Olive Najjuma, a Co-host of the Show said that this creates a perception that all the other protestors are making up the torture allegations yet some may have actually been victims.

Fatboy in agreement with Olive said, “And you can see NRM influencers on social media tweeting this video like ‘see this guys.’ I haven't checked to see if Muhoozi has done the same but I wouldn't be surprised if he did. But my point is that it gives ammunition to the Government that the opposition is lying about torture and this is so unfortunate because I believe that there’s merit in the allegations of torture,” said Fatboy.

Olive also believed that some people from the opposition have been subjected to torture in the past. “I also believe that there are instances of torture. I mean we still have families that still can't trace their people and others came back with broken limbs and what not. But if you keep doing this, you are showing that you are disorganized, lying and giving credence to the argument that you are actually exaggerating,” she said.

The embattled Zaake is set appear before the Parliament's Committee on rules, privileges and discipline following offending tweets he directed towards the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among after she mocked him for having won a gold medal in the East African Parliamentary games despite claims of having a broken leg from torture by security agencies.

A section of MPs have since sought to remove Zaake from the parliamentary committee where was appointed as a back bencher by the National Unity Platform.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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