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Fatboy: Curfew Needs To Be Lifted.

RX Radio Presenter Fatboy has argued that it is time for the curfew to be lifted given that most night activities are operating normally.

Speaking on The Fatboy show, he said that many places still under ‘lockdown’ are busy buzzing and running as though they are open which undermines the relevance of curfew.

Fatboy’s remarks were triggered by the death of a UPDF soldier identified as Joseph Magoola who was guarding road construction equipment for China Chongqing International Construction Company Limited (CICO) Hoima. The soldier was brutally killed at Traveller’s Inn Bar in Hoima district on Friday 6 November.

It was said that he allegedly got into a quarrel with the locals that resulted in a fight that got him hit on the head with a blunt object leading to his death by the time he arrived at hospital.

“This is a very strange country because given that there's a curfew in place and a restriction on operation of bars, the last thing you’d be expecting to hear about in the news is people getting bomb blasted, beaten, arrested and killed in bars. It just defies our understanding that these places continue to be operational till late in the night,” said Fatboy.

He added; “All kinds of crimes are taking place past curfew time and in places supposed to be closed so maybe it's time to end the pretense because it seems like it is curfew in the name only. A lot of entertainment places are still bustling with excitement and life as if there were no time restrictions.”

Olive the Co-host on the show additionally said, “Bars owned by individuals who know big people have never been closed. In my own opinion, I think that curfew is for people who use public transport like taxis and boda bodas but if you have a private car, you can even be stuck in traffic jam till midnight.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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