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Fatboy: Cheating Feels Worse When Done By Women

As one who has experienced the feeling of being cheated on before, James Onen aka Fatboy has attested that cheating hits differently to a man.

In an interesting explanation as to why men feel way worse when cheated on by women, Fatboy said that before marrying a woman, men get attracted to a woman’s body and want to take full possession of it. When they cheat, it feels like this is robbed off them.

“A Man primarily wants to get married to a woman and is thinking that they are in some way taking possession of a woman’s sexuality as represented by the physical beauty that it becomes exclusively his. It is for that reason that a man will say, ‘I will marry you’ because he wants to take ownership of it.”

He confessed to putting the details directly in an outright way because that's what runs through a man’s mind when choosing to make a woman his wife. But Unlike women, he explained that the considerations made when choosing a husband are basically survival.

“She will be thinking to herself, does he have money? What is his status in society? Is he a man of means? Does being with him improve my prospects for life? I’m sure every woman would want to marry a romantic or good looking man but bottom line, her primary consideration is more related to security, survival and finances,” Fatboy said.

According to him, when a woman cheats, the primary aim of the man marrying her is broken and yet the woman’s considerations don't unless he is willing to start up a family with the person he cheated with. But again, he said that the woman will not be affected if the man is financially stable to support a second family.

“This is why when a woman confronts you on a cheating allegation, her primary interest will be for her to know whether you are in love with the other woman because it signifies a level of commitment that would imply a diversion of resources from her,” he explained.

He dismissed the argument that women are more forgiving when it comes to cheating because although they might suffer a bruised ego when they know about the scandal, the most important thing is that when a man has not diverted from her, there will be little lost on her side.

Daniel Omara in an expression of why he thought women’s cheating hurts more to them was the fact that they are taken as angels who do no wrong. As a result men are less likely to pay attention to the fact that they too cheat thus some women end up thinking they can cheat better than men.

The two confirmed the fact that women can be easily spotted when cheating even when a man pays slight attention to her. Most likely there is a slight change in behavior. Whereas men would cheat with a woman they dont even like, the presenters agreed that this is very unlikely with women.

“A man can sleep with a woman and forget about her or not even want to see her again but if your wife chose to cheat, it is more likely that she holds a strong connection and emotional attachment and she is typically in love with the person meaning that it hits differently,” said Fatboy.

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