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Fatboy: Calling President Museveni ' Father Of The Region' Rubbed Many The Wrong Way

President William Ruto’s at his inauguration as President of Kenya at Moi International Sports Stadium, Kasarani in Nairobi, dramatically caught the attention of Ugandans when he introduced President Museveni as the "father of our region” and “the old man in a hat”.

Even as the comment induced a smile on President Museveni's face, Fatboy presumed that the statement could not have pleased many.

"To call him ‘father of the region’ rubbed several people the wrong way because a number of Kenyans are deeply suspicious about his relations with President Museveni," Fatboy reasoned.

"Some of Raila Odinga's supporters who believe there was vote rigging during the election will refer to this, especially after reports circulated that some voters were ferried from Uganda,"

His co-presenter Olive asserted that President Museveni is indeed the father of the region because he is currently the longest serving president among East African presidents.

She cited a one Mwangi Kibathi's tweet in which he hoped President Museveni wouldn't attend President Ruto's inauguration since he attended the ceremonies for four different Kenyan Presidents since 1997.

In response, Fatboy said this was reflecting poorly on the nation since Kenyans had gathered to celebrate another peaceful transition of power. Unfortunately, President Museveni was representing one of Africa's biggest problems of leaders overstaying in power.

It also gives credence to the concerns Kenyans have with their new president.

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