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Fatboy: British Colonies Left Most Commonwealth Countries In Poor Shape.

Speaking about the newly independent country Barbados, Fatboy is of the opinion that since most former British Colonies were left in a sorry state, the world’s youngest country is likely to follow suit.

Barbados became the world’s youngest state on Monday, when it secured independence from the British Monarchy that had ruled over the Carribean Island for over 396 years.

At midnight, the Royal Standard Flag of the Queen was lowered, and the country transitioned to a new constitution, with Dame Sandra Mason declared its first President.

According to Fatboy, unfortunately the event will merely lead to a reiteration of unscrupulous activities that have been happening within other former British colonies.

“Let's not go too far, just look at Uganda or any other African country under former British rule. You’ll see that many of these are embedded with crazy corruption, poor infrastructure and are characterized by being in a sorry state. So you wonder what it is to celebrate when your country gains independence yet you know that usually it's a recipe for disaster,” he said.

Moreso, he was also concerned that on independence day, the country’s Prime Minister appointed Rihanna the country’s national hero, contemplating that probably it's because of her celebrity status and business fame and success.

In response to this, Olive, a Co-host on the show, said that Rihanna is quite outspoken in terms of women's rights, adding that when celebrities like her donate money to given causes, it provides more reason for them to assume these kinds of positions.

However, he insisted that all the appointed officials are going to use their titles to reward themselves and their friends while fleecing the nation and impoverishing citizens.

Olive added “ I guess that's the world we live in because even mighty countries like the US also impoverish some of their citizens.”

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