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Fatboy: Bobi Wine must be careful with what he says to his supporters

Radio personnel and RX radio presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has advised former presidential candidate and National Unity Platform President Roberty Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to be very careful with his words and messages to his supports as he unintentionally provoking violent demonstrations.

Just recently, Bobi Wine sent a protest letter to NBS TV over the way the station covered and relayed the 2021 presidential election results.

In the letter, Bobi Wine accused NBS of conniving with the ruling party presidential candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to rig the election in his favour by tallying wrong results. Bobi Wine warned NBS to apologise to his party and the citizens of Uganda.

However, some of his supporters misunderstood his message and took it as a call for action to boycott NBS TV and attack NBS presenters and journalists. After the letter was published, social media was a wash with NUP supporters calling for persecution of NBS presenters and journalists which could have inspired violence against these media persons.

Bobi Wine later came out and cleared the air asking his supporters to be peaceful and respectful and not harm anyone or boycott the TV.

“Just like what happened in America with Trump supporters, if Bobi Wine is not clear in his messages, his supporters may take it as a call for them to go out and riot. As we all know how the security organs respond to riots in Uganda, a lot of Bobi Wine supporters and other innocent citizens may get harmed or even killed,” Fatboy said.

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