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Fatboy: Bobi Wine did a disservice to his supporters by withdrawing his Petition

Former Presidential Candidate on the National Unity Party ticket Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on Monday announced to the nation that he had ordered his lawyers to withdraw his election petition that he had filed in the supreme court challenging the 2021 election results that announced President Museveni as the winner and the Next President of Uganda. Kyagulanyi sought to have court annul the results and order for fresh elections without President Museveni as a participant.

Bobi Wine said that he would no longer be part of a judicial system that was corrupt and against the will of the public.

The withdraw of the case came after the court denied filing of new evidence by the NUP team and after Robert Kyagulanyi demanded that three of the judges on the panel including the chief justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo to resign because of their attachment to the incumbent president who is the defendant in the petition.

During Tuesday’s The Fatboy Show, Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy said although the supporters of Bobi Wine did not expect him to win the petition, it would have been nice to have a trial and show the evidence that he has been talking about since the elections.

“The petition not going to trial is very disappointing and a disservice to the supporters that still had some hopes that their victory that was allegedly stolen would be restored. So now what next? I think its high time Bobi Wine realised that he has chance of winning against president Museveni until may be the next election. What he should do now is to support the NUP MPs as they try to settle in parliament,” Fatboy said.

His co-host Olive Najjuma noted that it was probably reasonable for the team to withdraw their petition because they realised they were ill prepared since most of their evidence was not included in the petition. She added that the lawyers could have kept some of the evidence so that they could use it as additional evidence but since the amendment and addition of evidence was denied, then there was not point of going to trial with a weak case.

“I’m however concerned about what he meant by court of public opinion, it could mean anything including riots. The court of public opinion has a way of acting in the extremes,” Olive said.

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