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Fatboy: Black People Also Exercise Black Supremacy

Presenter of The Fatboy Show, Fatboy, has claimed that White people have a right to exercise their white supremacy in western countries because they are the native citizens.

Speaking about how news networks in the United States are always running stories on racism, he said that there has been a regression in complaints surrounding segregation, especially among Blacks.

“The Western media portrays racism in the context of Whites oppressing Blacks. However, you will never see it the other way where Blacks are racist against other ethinic minorities or even

Whites, and it's a discussion seldom talked about. So I think White people should stop apologizing for living in white countries, because America is a white country and there are 70% of the natives whose ancestors historically created the country. If Blacks say that there is white supremacy and the institutions favor Whites, it is so because it's their country,” he said.

According to Fatboy, racism as a concept has outlived its course that Black people in the US have resorted to re-defining it by making it subjective, victimizing it and ending up becoming racist themselves.

Lesham, his Co-host, said that Black people define racism as systemic oppression and contend that since Black people don't hold the power, they can't be racist yet they are racist towards Asians. However, Fatboy explained that the systemic definition is arbitrary, subjective and convenient to Blacks that have made almost everything racist.

“As Black people, we have our homeland Africa where Blacks freely exercise their supremacy and are occupying all the powerful positions. The notion of racism is detrimental because it makes Blacks believe that they can never be successful in the white system yet it is a deception that is also psychologically tiring,” Fatboy argued.

Moreso, he opined that activism on the belief has more likely overstayed due to the large sums of money that come with playing victim and for how it's used to pursue political power.

He therefore concluded by saying, “Well, I believe in a person loving themselves in their color because if you want to feel proud of being black, then let others too feel proud for being white. How can it be deemed a racist act for a white person living in their motherland to be proud of their heritage?” He therefore advised Blacks to own their ancestry and pursue their goals and visions rather than leaning back to play victims of racism.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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