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Fatboy: Biden And NATO Are Proving To Be Barking Dogs

Commenting on the war between Russia and Ukraine, RX Radio Presenter Fatboy has opined that Joe Biden’s verbal attacks may accelerate conflict in other parts of Europe where aggression may come easy without the fear of suffering heavy consequences.

This comes after US President Joe Biden on Saturday last week made a series of unscripted remarks during his speech in Poland where he called for the removal of President Vladmir Putin from power, one of the harshest rhetorical blows since the Ukrainian invasion.

In a speech delivered to a congregation of Polish officials and dignitaries at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Biden also noted that the world is in a midst of an era-defining conflict between democracies and autocracies, and pledging that NATO would do every possibility to protect its member states and continue supporting Ukraine. But he maintained that US forces wouldn’t engage with those of Putin.

This according to Fatboy was simply not satisfying enough from the US, and as a result could inspire more such attacks of bigger powers onto smaller states.

“If all you’re doing is bluffing and doing nothing, you’re communicating to the world that you're just a barking dog and every other rogue country will start doing their own things while not worried that America will do retaliate because they are signaling to the world that all they will do is talk but do nothing,” he said.

However his Co-host Olive Najjuma reasoned that unlike former attacks, NATO states seem to have a fear of distorting world peace hence refraining from intervening in the Ukrainian war.

“Although Biden has been trying to rub Putin’s shoulders the wrong way, he has not yet attacked. And when this began, people thought it would be similar to the 9/11 events where many countries pledged support to the US and before we knew it, there was a war in the Middle East. So there was a similar fear of this happening in Ukraine’s invasion but it hasn’t happened and to that, I give them credit because they are afraid of a third World War,” she said.

Olive further argued that the failure to make a collateral decision to attack Russia has left Presidents such as Biden and UK’s Boris Johnson in a war of words with Russia saying that if it were a sole man decision, most likely Biden would have already warmed chests with the Ukraine aggressor.

Judging from Russia's escalation into Ukraine, Fatboy predicts that the war might end within a month if they are able to take down more Ukrainian strongholds that will eventually prompt President Zelenskyy to negotiate peace on Russian terms.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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