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Fatboy: Bamwine’s Analogy Of NUP Accurately Describes It

While being hosted on NBS TV’s "Barometer show" this week, Kampala Region Commissioner for Resident District Commissioners Fred Bamwine related National Unity Platform (NUP) to a travel bus whose passengers forgot their destination upon getting onto it.

The commissioner described NUP as a bus heading to Kenya that stopped in Namawojolo for passengers to buy gonja and chicken; non-passengers jumped onto the bus among which were three drivers, who thought they could drive better than the actual driver.

He said that most people on the bus have no knowledge of their destination but because they are biting over a few snacks, it's not in their interest to inquire. He warned that a time for accountability will come and people need to know what's next after the snacks run out.

“It's a fantastic analogy,” said Fatboy, adding that, “ If you're an NUP supporter, don't feel bad when we say this; but just from a spectator view, It looks like NUP was driven by passion and excitement surrounding the elections of 2021, both the general and Parliamentary and thereafter, no interest from its supporters in terms of how they engage with the process or with politics.

He added that NUP supporters who should be informing the strategies of their party and decisions keep waiting for the fan fares and little distractions that bring them some excitement when there’s no great attention being given to the policies.

Olive Najjuma related the analogy to the speakership race in which Kira Municipality MP belonging to another opposition party - FDC, stood for deputy speaker but got less than 50 votes yet NUP MPs in Parliament exceeded that number.

Fatboy in summation said that the analogy behooves NUP supporters to influence the leaders of the party on the directions to take and the policies to front and implement because party leaders most times have their own interests and agendas.

“My appeal to NUP supporters is not to lose sight of the ball. Avoid getting distracted by tiny little things that pop up here and there and instead focus on developing a long term vision, that you will communicate continuously and constantly and that isn't specifically dependent on one particular figure because we want to think of a future Uganda in which we are moving away from Musevenism,” he said.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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