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Fatboy: Bad Black should be made Uganda’s Tourism Ambassador

RX Radio Presenter, James Onen aka Fatboy has a soft spot for the self-made socialite Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black.

During The Fatboy Show on Tuesday, Fatboy mentioned how Bad Black deserves to be Uganda’s tourism ambassador despite her known trade as a modern prostitute.

“A tourism ambassador should be able to show the rest of the world what your country is all about. I think Bad black qualifies because she is very popular on Instagram and Snapchat; and her videos are very hilarious and shows the soft side of Ugandans. It’s high time we stopped judging her for what she does and look at her fun side,” Fatboy said.

Recently, another renown socialite Hassan Zari was announced as the Tourism Ambassador for Tanzania according to several posts she uploaded on her social media channels.

Fatboy’s co-host Olive Najjuma agrees, saying the tourism ambassador role should be given to someone who travels a lot and is genuinely interested in tourism, and not just for being a celebrity.

“Kenzo is currently the Tourism Ambassador but he hasn’t done much to promote Uganda’s tourism sector. What we need is someone that has been around Uganda’s tourism spots and loves tourism even if that person is not very popular,” she said.

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