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Fatboy And Olive: Why Do Men Never Marry The Women They Party, Drink And Smoke With?

The RX Radio presenters James Onen aka Fatboy and Olive Najjuma during The Fatboy Show today attempted to answer the popular question of ‘why men never marry the women they party, drink and smoke with?’

A famous reply to this question on twitter went that, “in their wisdom, our forefathers kept domestic animals at home. When it came to wild animals, they hunted, killed or ate them immediately. If you keep a wild animal at home, a neighbor will accidentally eat it thinking it's wild.”

Olive said that when she is in a bar and sees women partying and smoking shisha, she is aware that the men hanging out with them cannot marry them because when a man wants to marry, he looks for a woman who will add value to his life which is rarely a party animal.

Fatboy in agreement said that although the men are equally guilty and would want to remain going out even during marriage, they prefer having a woman that will stay and take care of the home as their wife.

“ When a man is thinking of marriage (because it is a serious undertaking), you are building a home, starting a family. The last person you would want to marry is the kind of woman who never wants to be at home and is always partying. So for men, the girls with whom he likes to party with are those he’s just going to have a good time with and meanwhile at his home, he expects to have a nice, humble, submissive woman all day holding the fort,” said Fatboy.

Olive in addition said that when a woman wants to get married, she has to sacrifice or change her lifestyle from partying to present herself as a marriage material.

“When you're up for marriage, I think women should reconsider certain things because you can't be out and about town every single day of the week and expect to find someone who will make a wife out of you.”

Olive explained that even for the most outgoing couples, if the husband goes out to party every day, the wife will be out on weekends because there has to be someone to stay home and look after the kids.

“Now if you want to do what he does, am sorry honey, there are things men and women cant do at the same time and I know feminists will say, what a man can do a woman can but no. Someone has to stay at home to keep the fort,” Olive said.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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