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Fatboy And Olive: Makerere University Needs To Up Its Game.

Today on The Fatboy Show, Presenters Fatboy and Olive have commended the move taken by Makerere University’s appointment board to pay lecturers salaries according to the numbers of days worked.

The move according to the board is to put an end to absenteeism of lecturers and other university staff, given that the university employs over 3000 people and spends Ugx206 Billion on salaries per year.

“I think this will make attendance more consistent because when you want people to listen, just attach anything to their salaries. I mean we know that most government workers clock in for two or three days then by Thursday and Friday, their weekend has already begun,” Olive commented.

“In the case of Makerere University, many lecturers were not showing up, claiming to prefer physical to online classes yet at the end of the semester, they want students to sit for exams of course units they didn't study,” she added.

Meanwhile, Fatboy revealed that he did not attend the university even though he would often pay visits to halls within. But with the increasing number of strikes, he asked Olive for her thoughts on whether a number of people still study from the institution since it seems to have diminished in standards.

Olive answered, “The university standards have dropped. I've heard some parents preferring other universities to Makerere, for instance the one in Mukono and one on Masaka Road, saying that they churn out better quality students than Makerere lately.”

In addition, Fatboy advised, “So you better up your game Makerere. Otherwise all these new policies aren't going to encourage more students to enroll or save the university’s reputation. But at least I credit the institution for trying to create a difference though there’s still more to do.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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