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Fatboy and Olive Comment on the Newly Revised Uber fares

RX Radio presenters Fatboy aka James Onen and Olive Najjuma have expressed concern over Uber’s increment of passenger fares yet again.

According to the RX Radio presenter, he received an email from the app indicating that Uber had once more increased its fares, for instance the price per kilometre rose from UGX 900 -1100 and the minimum fare from UGX 6000 from 7000 in order to profit drivers while providing affordable transportation services.

“This announcement of fare increment is reflecting the reality of the ongoing situation in the company where maybe the drivers are threatening to quit since they’re not making money.”

Olive, in agreement, said that the taxi app is no longer making profits because of the Ugandan's belief that it charges expensively. “How many Ugandans use Uber honestly? It's surprising that even the corporate class of people shun it and opt for boda bodas because they think it's expensive,” said Olive.

In addition she said, “Uber cannot survive without the night economy given that most of its customers are evening and night passengers, plus the little profits drivers now get make them overcharge passengers.”

“We the passengers used to opt for Uber because it was affordable, but now drivers and passengers are suffering the same. For instance, a ride from Naguru to Kira in Uber during the evening hours can cost up to UGX 45000, an amount that can fuel a private car for a few days especially if it’s a Vitz or a Passo.”

According to Olive, the fare increment might not be a sustainable measure to satisfy Uber’s drivers, arguing that some of them are merely greedy and want to overcharge passengers off app and in order to make more money.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Olive Najjuma every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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