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Fatboy and Lesham On Catching A Cheater

Today morning, Fatboy and Lesham Kenogo talked about unfaithfulness in relationships, with Fatboy saying that it is necessary for a man to catch a cheating partner at least once in their lifetime.

This was after Lesham described the events from a video she had watched where a woman was caught on tape blatantly cheating on her boyfriend. Lesham narrated the ordeal, from how the boyfriend recorded a livestream video of his girlfriend making love to another man in a car, to how he (the boyfriend) kept asking her why she would cheat on him.

While commenting on the affair, Fatboy said, “I take the view that it's important for a guy to catch his girl cheating at least once in their lifetime because it's at that moment that a man evolves into maturity and is prompted to re-evaluate his expectations and understand that human beings are not perfect.”

Fatboy admitted to having encountered the same situation before of once catching his girlfriend cheating. However, in his case, he did not catch them in an intimate position, but in an outdoors space where the actions of his then girlfriend and the other man made it evident of the nature of the relationship they had.

The Presenter maintained that even though recording the events is an extreme move, her boyfriend may have done it for proof since women are the “queens of denial,” affirming that it's necessary for men to experience being cheated on such that when it reoccurs, they won’t feel as bothered about it if it happens again.

“Maybe the man who got cheated on should have just joined the other two for a threesome. Because now by confronting them, he ruined his chances of dating other people, or even experiencing a healthy relationship,” Lesham commented.

Fatboy went on to advise couples not to get upset in such situations but to rather be positive since a cheating partner may be dealing with certain struggles and trauma that they choose to overcome by entertaining someone else.

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