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Fatboy: Africa will miss Trump very soon

The United States of America recently elected Democrat Joe Biden as its 46th president ending Donald Trump’s reign, just after one term.

Donald Trump’s opponents criticized him on many things including his lack of interest in international politics.

However according to James Onen aka Fatboy, despite many of his short comings, President Trump, did not start any wars or destabilize any African country.

One week after Biden was sworn in to take up the presidency, the US called for the immediate withdrawal of Eritrean troops in Ethiopia's Tigray region over allegations of human rights abuse, sexual violence and rooting.

"The United States has made clear its position that all Eritrean troops need to leave Tigray immediately, given credible reports of looting, sexual violence, assaults in refugee camps and other human rights abuses. There’s also evidence of Eritrean soldiers forcibly returning Eritrean refugees from Tigray to Eritrea," a statement from the US read.

“One week in office and Biden is already intervening in Africa’s politics? However bad Trump was for America, at least he didn’t involve himself in Africa’s politics. In a few years, Biden will cause so much trouble in Africa that Africans will wish it was still Trump in that office.’ Fatboy said during Friday’s Fatboy Show on RX radio.

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