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Fatboy: A Broke Guy Has No Reason For Claiming A Woman

James Onen aka Fatboy has said that broke men have no reason to put labels on their dating partners.

He made the point during a conversation with Olive Najjuma, her co-host on whether it's necessary to label a relationship in the dating phase.

According to Fatboy, most women want to have a relationship defined after sharing intimacy with their dating partner for a couple of times while men will want to label the relationship after investing in the woman for some time.

“When a guy is sponsoring you, paying your rent, and buying you nice things, a lot of guys will want to claim that person,” said Fatboy.

His co-host Olive disagreed saying that many men, broke or rich, will still want to claim a woman as part of their nature.

But Fatboy responded, “But if you have no money, you have no right to claim a woman. You don't support her in any way, and you want to attach labels!” he wondered.

Olive, happy about Fatboy’s response added, “exactly, why are you dating in the first place if you are a broke nigga?” she asked, adding that such men always want to claim ownership for women they don't take care of.

A caller on the show said she likes to apply a label to a relationship because to a lady, it gives direction. To a man, it gives ownership.

“If I'm your girlfriend, I need to know that I am the one. For men, it's a territorial thing. After a few dates and having a sexual experience, the best time to define the relationship is after having a sexual encounter together such that no questions are left unanswered,” she concluded.

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