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Fatboy: 10 Common Statements Used By Women And What They Mean In A Relationship

Known for his controversial opinions on dating and relationships, RX Radio’s Fatboy has explained different phrases often made by women that confuse men or go without being understood.

Together with Lesham his Co-host on The Fatboy show today morning, they broke down and elaborated each statements as can be seen below:

1. “I just love his energy”

According to Fatboy, this means that a woman wants to have sex with the person they are reffering to, most likely outside their relationship.

2. “Don't judge me”

“If your girlfriend told you this, she means that you shouldn't hold her accountable for her bad decisions,” Fatboy revealed. However, Lesham defended women on this one, saying that it’s used by both parties to mean the same thing.

3.”I have fallen out of love with him”

“A woman will say this to her friends to mean that she is already sleeping with someone else,” Fatboy commented.

4. “I’m so done with him”

“If a woman ever says this, it means that she is going to stay with her man but sleep with him anytime he wants to,“ said Fatboy. Lesham in response said that once, a friend of hers told her this about her relationship and yet still kept going back to her significant other. In the end, she gave up on asking why her words weren’t matching her actions.

5. “He’s husband material”

Fatboy said that when a woman says this, they mean that their significant other doesn't sexually arouse them. “They could like the stability and material resources but won’t be attracted to you sexually. Why? Because the lesser she is attracted to you, the more power she will have over you compared to when there is a strong sex attachment.”

6. “We need to have a break”

“This is a very common one,” the Presenter said, “which means that she’s already seeing someone else and is actively involved with them. A lot of guys may hope that there might be a chance to mend the relationship but what you don't know is that she’s trying to let you down easy. Because what do you think she is gonna be doing in that break, sitting home and reading novels?” he joked.

7. “You are very controlling”

Fatboy mentioned that this usually means a man is making it very hard for his spouse to cheat. “Just because I ask you where you're going, where you're gonna be after work and the exact friends you're gonna hangout with or asking to drive you to your destination makes me a controlling person?”

8. “I'm in a healthy relationship”

According to Fatboy, this signifies that a woman is bored in the relationship. Shocked by this though, Lesham was of the view that it meant a woman is in a relationship with a man that gives her enough money. “If a woman says this to mean there’s no drama in her relationship, then this is just ridiculous because every relationship has drama.”

9. “It just happened!”

“Usually, a woman says this after she has been caught cheating.” Fatboy said. He added, “With women, it never just happens, usually she has planned and prepared for it for a long time. She could have been flirting with him for a while, intentionally dresses sexy and goes to his place but then claims, ‘it just happened?!’”

Lesham disagreed, saying that it might be that one day the woman felt happy and confident, dressed nicely and felt comfortable enough to go to the man’s house when invited, and somehow it just went down.

Finally, Fatboy said that the common one used by women to end relationships is the statement:

10. “It's not you, it's me”

“When they tell you this, actually they are being honest enough with you. They have decided to be unreliable and untrustworthy enough with you that they have decided to break your heart and run off with someone else. Although sometimes, they will try to make it look like a situation they had no control of, like saying they're going through some mental breakdown.”

With the ten common statements given by women in relationships, Fatboy said that men will have to be fully equipped to navigate the dangerous terrain of the dating world that is just like a jungle.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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