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Dr Kwagala on oral health: Brushing alone is not enough

Ugandans have been advised to floss their teeth on top of their usual brushing to ensure maximum cleanliness of their dental cavity.

Dr Trevor Kwagala, a dental surgeon -- who is also the general secretary of the Uganda Dental Association while chatting with Crystal Newman on 'The Groove with Crystal' show on RX Radio noted that brushing alone does not remove the smallest particles hence an individual needs to floss at least twice a day.

"Flossing can be uncomfortable sometimes but you need to get used to it because it is important to keep your mouth and teeth clean. Also teach your kids from a young age to floss," he said.

According to Dr Kwagala, other important tips to get your dental health include brushing with a soft brush instead of a hard one, changing your toothbrush often, visiting a dentist regularly for check-up and using only certified dental cleaning products.

"Some people have bad breath that refuses to go away despite brushing their teeth everyday. Sometimes bad breath does not come from your mouth but an indication that something is wrong in your stomach, lungs or liver. Also taking alcohol and smoking may give you a bad breath, that is why we advise Mouth Wash products producers to ensure that their products are alcohol free. also some of the herbal toothpastes that people like so much have negative effect on their teeth and body," he said during the Friday show.

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