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Do Women Like Men Opening Up To Them About Their Hardships?

Talking about relationships, Fatboy and Lesham today weighed in on whether women like their male partners to open up when emotionally overwhelmed.

The duo were discussing a research study carried out by Havard which stated that women feel happier when men talk to them about what's bothering them emotionally.

Lesham wondered why it would take Havard the investments and resources to carry out this research yet the obvious foundation of relationships is proper communication.

In her opinion, she said that she would be happy if her man confided in her as long as he got solutions to those problems.

Also, Fatboy opined that this research would be done to include caveats because women are emotional beings but still react differently to particular circumstances.

“Some men may take this to mean that every time they have a problem they have to go and whine at their women’s feet. But any man who would do that would find out that it's off putting for the woman and overtime her respect for him and attraction shall diminish and before he knows it she’s out the door,” Fatboy said.

He noted that women want a balanced reaction of how men react to situations for instance the opening up happening once in a while

Nonetheless he said that sometimes men may not want to talk about their difficulties because they want to be perceived as strong but stated that there should be a middle ground where a man can just act upon some manageable problems himself but seek emotional support in those rare emotional circumstances.

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