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Danny K: I’m Inspired By All Music Genres

Daniel Karumuna aka Danny Kay is inspired by all music genres to write and record songs. He refers to himself as a music lover who gathers new, creative ideas from different music categories such as Kadongo Kamu to his favourite, R&B and Soul.

He mentioned this during an interview with RX Radio’s Crystal Newman on the Groove Show, during the Groove Cafe segment.

Having had a strong passion for music, Danny K grew up as an active child performing in the arts, music, dance and drama in his primary and secondary schools.

In his senior six vacation, Danny Kay wrote and recorded his first song, ‘Wampangula’ with the support of his friends who kept encouraging him to sing and record, even though his family wasn’t much supportive.

When Crystal asked him about the artist he would want to do a collaboration with, he said, ‘I’d want someone like Eddy Kenzo because he is a hardworking guy and would give me part of his fan base to exploit. I would also consider Juliana, Rema and many more,” he added.

However, in an attempt to get his music airplay, Danny K said passion and networks keep him going even if it has not been that easy.

Furthermore, he said that the pandemic caused a setback to his career, though like many other creatives, he has been able to forge other means through.

“With the first videos I made, I expected to perform them at events in the country to gain publicity, but I didn't get that and it was partly a limitation. But I've also been able to put time aside and make a lot of music in the studio,” he said.

Danny Kay has recently come into the public eye for his popular song ‘Analog,’ as well as his very first song ‘Wampangula,’ ‘Akadde,’ and ‘Ahabwenki’ that is in Runyankore.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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