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Daniel To Women: Wear MakeUp To Complement Your Beauty, Not To Change You

RX Radio Presenter Daniel Omara has advised women to wear makeup that complements their beauty rather than outrageously changing their appearance.

During The Fatboy Show with his Co-host Lesham, Daniel said that he had experienced a situation where in the morning, he woke up to a different face than the one he had seen the previous night, all because of the heavy makeup.

The discussion was derived from Lesham’s narration on the new trend of beard wigs for men, which, similar to makeup, will force women to experience the disappointment of an altered appearance.

“Women will not understand the effect of makeup on a man until they experience it themselves because this will basically be the makeup for the man. Women have been deceiving men with their looks for centuries and I think it's time for us to level the playing fields,” she said.

However, Daniel who was against the male beard wigs, also known as bwigs, said that manipulating appearances on both sides might not help the situation but will rather instigate more fakeness.

“The reason why I don't support bwigs is that I have had issues going home with one person and waking up with another human being, meeting someone with a certain body type and when the corset is removed you're not wowed. So am thinking reversing this back to the men will only make things faker,” Daniel opined.

Lesham, in support of the bwigs, argued that if women and men and women fake their appearances, it will reduce unrealistic expectations since both sides will be doing something to modify their looks arguing that this will create a balanced playground.

Daniel then protested saying that men wouldn’t have problems with women wearing makeup, as long as it isn't meant to deceive them.

“Guys don't have a problem with women having makeup on, but don't be too far removed from who you are in real life because that is how we are gonna be married to for the rest of their lives and we feel lied to. It's like a guy who shows up with a Range Rover on the first date only for you to realise it wasn’t his,” he advised.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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