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Daniel To Single Parents: Keep Your Child Away from People You're Dating.

Daniel Omara has advised single parents, more specifically single mums, to keep their child(ren) away from people they want to date or get exclusive with.

During the Hear Me Out Show, the Presenter said that for a child’s wellbeing, a single mum shouldn’t introduce a father figure into the child’s life because of the impact this can have on them mentally.

“I believe that any single parent who has a kid should keep them away from the person they’re trying to date or smash until they know for real that it's serious. I'm not saying that you should hide the kid. Let the person know you have a child but the kid doesn't have to meet them, because of how quickly people may come in and out of your life.,”

He went on to say that he cannot date a single mother even though he admitted that most of them are “beautiful souls.”

“With all due respect to single mothers, I just don't want to get attached to a kid that isn't mine because I'm one of those people who gets too attached to kids. This frightens me because I've been in a toxic relationship with the mum but couldn't leave because I liked her child,” he said.

He added, “And as someone who's a teacher as well, I have a fair knowledge of child psychology. Their minds are really fragile and they're seeking attachments. There’s a reason why your childhood memories are far more vivid than adult memories which are sometimes insignificant. This is because they meant a lot to you as a kid because you were looking for attachments and building relationships.”

He commented on how the departure of a human being from a child’s life is most times traumatic, causing some women to have ‘daddy issues’ and hate men.

“A lot of people may think I just want to avoid responsibility, which is true because it's not my kid and not to sound mean but let's be frank here. I’d be footing an extra responsibility since we all know that single mums are a package deal as you can’t choose to take one and leave the other. So my argument to men is: don't go there, if you're not serious, don't go there,” he pleaded.

Daniel added that some people might not want to get into relationships with single mums to take responsibility for two or more people while worrying about their woman’s baby daddy. However, to him, it’s the emotional attachment that he would want to create with a kid and after have to leave them.

Daniel further noted that single parents deserve to be loved nonetheless, but encouraged those that deliberately keep their children away from their biological fathers to rethink their decisions if the child’s father is still alive.

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