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Daniel: The Instagram Model Who Tried To Trap Drake Got What She Deserved

Canadian rapper Drake has recently been making news and trending on memes on social media after he allegedly poured hot sauce into a used condom after sleeping with an unnamed Instagram model.

The story came into circulation on Instagram and Twitter after a gossip Instagram account, ‘TooMuchHotTea’ posted a photo claiming that the hip hop star linked up with the Instagram model after meeting at a party where they had consented to get intimate.

However, after their sexual encounter, Drake poured hot sauce in the condom they had used before disposing it off in the trashcan in the bathroom of his hotel room. The page alleged that a few moments later, the model went into the bathroom and tried to do a self insemination of the condom’s contents which was followed by a loud scream which the model said felt like “hot larva” in her genitalia.

Commenting on the odd events, Hear Me Out Presenter on RX Radio Daniel Omara said that whereas women have a number of birth control measures, some go on to trap men by getting pregnant against a man's will for their own interests, mostly financial.

“I don't agree with anyone who sympathizes with this Instagram model who, if at all this is true, meant that she wanted to bring a baby into this world with someone who wasn't ready to acknowledge their responsibility or to take care,” he said.

“Quite frankly I think she got what she deserved, yes it's painful, bambi sorry, but if you had to fish the condom out of a bin, you have already violated so many safety protocols because already women’s parts are more delicate than ours! And you pick this from a garbage can? And your issue is the hot sauce not the bacteria? Why is no one talking about this part of the story?” He ranted.

He went on to side with Drake saying that he must have learnt his lesson after he had a son with porn star Sofie Brussuax in 2017 that he didn't know of till years later. As a result, he became more careful about where and how he disposes of his seed.

According to Daniel, the story revealed a ‘secure the bag’ concept to him, whereby many women will do anything like this to acquire money yet will also claim, ‘my body, my choice.’ “So Drake just proved to us that, ‘my sperm, my choice.’” He contended.

He went on to narrate a similar story that was later found to be fake of a 36-year-old Las Vegas hotel cleaner named Jane, who had apparently won a child support battle after inserting the sperm of a 24-year-old tech millionaire that she had picked from a trash can as she was cleaning.

Though it was proved to be a fake story, many women had supported ‘Jane’ and the whole concept of securing the bag, which might be something Drake did as a test to see if it was possible.

However, wondering how the woman (Jane) would self inseminate the sperms, he said, “The distance and pressure needed for a man to get to the ovary is quite a lot, so how did she do this? Was she upside down or did she do a b-boy?”

He was also bothered about how some women are fine with bringing a child into the world in this type of scenario with personal interests of securing the bag, giving a reference to Brittany Renner who publicly admitted on her Instagram for faking a relationship with American basketball player PJ Washington and intentionally got impregnated with his child to benefit from his financial resources.

“What bothers me is the child. A child being born and dragged into a situation that one of the parents had not agreed to. I don't think anyone would choose a scenario of being brought into a world with a father that doesn't want them and a mother that sees them as a trap. Because even though they might get all they need, are they getting the best parenting? So whether this story is true or false, there's no way I'll be convinced that what this Instagram model did was okay,” he said.

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