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Daniel: The Davido Situation Is A Heartbreaking One

Today on the Hear Me Out Show, host Daniel Omara confessed that he was challenged by Davido’s tweet in which he collected exorbitant amounts of money from fans.

The celebrity singer in a tweet said “If you feel I've ever given you a hit song, send me money.” Within n hours, he instantly received and collected more than 170 Million Naira, a million each from friends and the other from fans. The total sum approximately UGX3.9 billion reflected from his bank account has since gone viral on social media making rounds of headlines in the news

“I have to say that this Davido situation is a heartbreaking one because if he got $300,000 from people who liked him, I honestly feel like I've wasted my career. Like how has it never come to me to ask for the same from my fans? I should try but how to ask is the important thing, like If I've ever dropped a punch line you like send me money,” he appealed

In a similar line of events, Local musician Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso took to Twitter and begged fans to help him raise UGX 100 million to rescue his car from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). He unfortunately received it harshly from Ugandans who scorned and abused him for asking money from them amidst the poor economy and for his having unrealistic expectations.

However, Daniel recognised star singer Davido as one who has made a name for himself locally and internationally from his music for such a long period creating mass popularity and for himself a rich social circle that many who wish on having friend’s like his might only be dreaming

“Now everyone wants to have friends like Davido’s but to be honest, you might never have friend’s like his. I'm not killing your dreams but It's being realistic. If you aren't born in a wealthy class like him, you might still get there but think of how much you'll have to do to fit in the 1% circle.”

“You have to be born into these things to kind of fit in properly. Davido in addition to his background worked hard in music and entertainment to gather this huge fan base and mass support. This is why I wanted to be a porn star, the problem is that people with children would never trust you,” he said

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