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Daniel: Rightfully Compensate People With What They Deserve

On the Hear Me Out Show today on RX Radio, host Daniel Omara while commenting on the exchange of fists that happened last weekend during the Janzi Awards ceremony, said that entertainers should be given the correct share of money donated to them by the government.

Last weekend, Kadongo Kamu artist Gerald Kiweewa was attacked and boxed on stage, by one Mukunja Atasera as the latter demanded Kiweewa for his share of the money that he accused him and female musician Phina Mugerwa of stealing.

Several musicians including alleged beneficiaries indicated that many of their colleagues received some money from the Operation Wealth Creation chief coordinator Gen Salim Saleh who was said to be meeting them in Gulu. This money was meant to support artists after the negative effects of the pandemic and lockdown.

Daniel said that as much as he disagrees with the provision of “Gulu money,” rather than reopening the sector, he acknowledges Salim Saleh for playing his part in releasing the funds. He said it was unjust for singers such as Kiweewa, accused of swindling the money, for not giving their counterparts their fair share.

“There are consequences for these actions, pay people what they are worth because if we keep letting these behaviors go unchecked, one day we are gonna have doctors slap ministers onstage. Like some guy will appear in a lab coat and start clapping a minister in the middle of a speech because someone messed up his payment,” he said .

He added, “I won't pretend that this behavior was unnecessary. Maybe it was unnecessary but warranted because this is a common trend where people mess with other people’s money.”

Meanwhile, Daniel said he was startled by the size of the award, which he said by default would make a winner feel like they have succeeded in life. The awards, made from mahogany, were shaped like adungus. He went on to joke, “Their weight was enough to increase fuel consumption while being transported in a car. This award is going to give people a new social activity, where it can be used multi-purposely for instance to entertain friends by playing it for them when they visit.” It is reported that they were made from good quality material and each was purchased at $1000 each.

However, he was glad that there was an appreciation ceremony for musicians which at least showed that they were recognised as important by the government despite the lockdown. He compared this to a child who is grounded by their parents but later takes food to eat in their room.

In relation to fashion, Daniel commented on Sandra Suubi’s dress which he said looked like ‘medieval meets punk rock,’ - “Yes she looked unique, but it was also confusing, and even though I'm not a fashion person, I know what's weird when I see it. I was looking at the dress and I'm like, ‘Are you about to take off? There had to be a jet engine in that dress somewhere. I agree that it was artistic but more so very weird,” he said.

He said that this kind of fashion made by Xenson was one that will prompt people to go for random stylish designs such as these, and he thereafter gave the esigner credit for creating it decently.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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