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Daniel: People Will Take Anything To Improve Their Sex Life

Earlier today on The Fatboy Show, Daniel and Olive discussed M-Magix Coffee, a sexual enhancement drug that was found to have relatively immense side-effects such as abdominal pains, low blood pressure, renal failure that can lead to a coma and in some cases, death.

According to the National Drug Authority, laboratory tests done on the drug confirmed that it contains sildenafil, a compound present in viagra that poses potential harm to users. NDA ordered immediate suspension of its use, prescription and sale in medical and drug outlets within the country.

According to Daniel, some people would rather die having a good experience than giving up the drug. He went on to add, “Some people don't want to just live happily but they would rather die hard. This ‘coffee’ needs to be removed off the market because people will do damn things to improve their sex lives. Actually if you want people to buy something, tell them it improves their sexual performance.”

Olive, who concurred with Daniel, mentioned how it’s a similar behaviour in women who have now reached a point where they will consume whatever products as long as it’s said to increase arousal fluids during sex.

“This is the moment when I say sex is over-rated. In this case you have been warned that this coffee can kill or send you into a coma that you may never wake up from but because you want a moment of ecstasy, you go ahead and take it!” she exclaimed.

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