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Daniel Omara: White People Aren’t Inherently Racist

Daniel Omara, the Hear Me Out Show host, advised Africans to change their attitude towards white people and how they treat them. Daniel said this based on how Africans are lately responding to racism.

His arguments followed tweets by a Nigerian lady known as Mochievous, who tweeted about how she was having breakfast at a resort while speaking on the phone when a half-white couple intercepted and requested her to lower her voice.

In response, she tweeted, “I looked at him and asked, ‘what continent are we in?’ Him: Africa. Me: Okay then.”

“It is the audacity to think you can come up to me to my continent and ask me to keep quiet. Thunder fire you,” Mochievous narrated saying she continued on the phone and became deliberately louder, forcing the couple to leave.

Daniel, in his comment, was surprised that some people were celebrating her actions saying Africans can be similarly treated that way on white continents.

“The precedent set was a very bad one, but we prefer to act with double standards where we believe we can do it because we were oppressed. White people can’t do that to us because they were oppressed, which is damn because it is basic human etiquette to mind your voice in public despite the continent you’re from,” Daniel said.

He presumed that she must have been asked politely to tone her voice down even though she decided to call that racist. “How is it racist for someone to ask you politely to keep your voice down and be mindful of other people in the same space?” he asked.

He classified the rejection of a polite demand as bad behavior from a person that doesn’t take well with confrontation even when it is reasonable. He argued that public logic knows that even public spaces require one to respect others in the same environment.

“Black people are now looking vengeful as opposed to finding a solution to their problems. I don’t think white people are inherently racist. That mentality should change because if you see a person of another color and the first thing you think of them is negative, you have to consider that you are biased and coddle them into a position of being a lesser human. After all, they can’t tell you anything at all,” he stated.

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