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Daniel Omara: We Have A Trigger Generation That Is Always Waiting To Be Triggered By Anything

Elon Musk’s Twitter bid that saw him buy Twitter for 44 billion dollars and taking the social media company private since April 24, 2022 has set the public and media ablaze with controversial views about his intentions to promote free speech.

Whereas a number of free speech proponents welcomed the changes, Musk has hinted on making the platform a base for free speech as a bedrock of a democratic society noting that Twitter has a “tremendous potential” that he, the company and users are looking towards unlocking.

This set waves of criticism from minority groups such as the LGBTQ, particularly the transgender, politicians and the black community which feared it would be segregated due to allegations of racism by Musk’s black employees at his Tesla company.

More still, the left wing ideologists felt threatened by Musk’s intentions of absolute free speech that will force people off the platform while some claim that they have already lost thousands of followers since Musk took ownership of the platform.

As a strong proponent of free speech and one who has tasted the wrath of social media censorship policies, James Onen aka Fatboy observed that a lot of western media outlets have launched scathing attacks towards the world’s richest man asking Daniel Omara, his co-host to share his thoughts on why that was ensuing.

Elon Musk is coming out and saying, “Look, we don't have to be friends but everyone is free to say what they want.”

“Now we have this trigger generation where people are just waiting to get triggered about stuff. It can’t survive a community of open honesty and objective opinions because they are used to being protected by big tech. So the safety net is gone and all the people with all their fragile egos see it as a threat that ohh, the other side is allowed to speak,” Daniel replied.

However, trying to reason from the liberalists point of view who feel that they may be harassed for their views on sexuality, Fatboy pondered that perhaps free speech would put groups such as the LGBTQ community in danger and thus they may indeed need protection from psychological suffering.

However, Daniel asked about how far the groups would be gauged because if protection is offered to some group of people, they would further create and join minority groups where they will air their views without censorship because of the protection they are offered.

“We already see this happening, LGBTQ has extended to the alphabet oba how many letters. And people deserve their rights fine, but now it's like a victimhood competition where people feel they can just join a particular category and feel safe yet the same person is going to be launching a barrage at you,” said Daniel.

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