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Daniel Omara: Ugandans Have A Habit Of Dwindling People’s Money After A Service

RX Radio presenter Daniel Omara has urged Ugandans to change the habit of paying fewer amounts of money than agreed sums after someone has done them a service.

He made the call while commenting on the incidents that happened on August 10, 2022, when the She Cranes received 50,000 shillings upon their return from the Common Wealth games, instead of the promised 7 million shillings from the National Council of Sports (NCS).

The She Cranes netball team was dumbstruck upon return from the Common Wealth games in Birmingham, England when they headed to the offices of the NCS, each hoping to get 7 million promised allowances money and told that it was not available.

The official at the premises handed 50,000 shillings to the gateman to distribute to each of the players for fear of being confronted by the players.

“Ugandans generally have an exploiting habit. They cut people's money for unclear reasons. You do a gig, expecting to take home 2 million shillings, and then the person is like you will earn 1.1million because you showed up on a boda, don’t have kids, and a wife. Meanwhile, they always compliment you,” said Daniel.

He continued that Ugandans lack appreciation for talent and undermine achievements as an excuse to pay lesser than the service provider deserves.

A guest host of the show, Don Andre said the country has a dreadful international image of corruption, poverty, and the like. To improve this, he proposed the need to promote talented sports players instead of sabotaging them.

They further quoted a Kenyan tweep who advised Ugandan sports players to take on offers from other countries where they are paid for representation.

Drawing an example of former athlete and gold medalist Dorcus Inzikuru’s woes with the government, and how she pled for the government to complete her house, which was later almost demolished by the UNRA on claims that it was encroaching on a government road.

Don Andre, therefore, advised athletes that, “when you meet the President, tell him to give you whatever he has because when he leaves, you are not going to get anything."

They also encouraged athletes to hop onto opportunities other countries may present to them, saying they will receive better acknowledgment and appreciation than they would get here.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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