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Daniel Omara To Women: Stop Assuming That Men’s Needs Always Have An Evil Intent

Daniel Omara, The Hear Me Out Show host, has implored women to recognize the needs of men and not treat them as having evil intentions.

His submission follows a tweet by social media influencer Methia Lydia, who asked if a lady needs to call her boyfriend before showing up at his place.

Responding to this, the presenter wondered why some ladies replying to the tweet thought it obvious to visit their spouses unexpectedly. He was amazed that many women assumed a man refusing infringement on his privacy is because he is either cheating or has illegitimate business ongoing.

“Ladies, you need to stop this assumption that when men address their needs, it is somehow with evil intent. Every time we express our needs, we get criticism of how wrong or evil we are,” said Daniel.

He continued, “If someone says, please call before showing up at my house, some women will say, ‘he must be cheating. If he likes a girl with a certain weight and size, he’s fatphobic. If he wants a submissive woman, he can’t handle criticism from strong women. If he doesn’t want masculine women, then he is insecure because he is not as masculine!”

At that point, he found it unfair that men are always guilty and have to prove their innocence.

“Men are called evil, and we need to prove ourselves otherwise. You’re Jeffrey Dahmer until she proves that you’re Bruce Banner. On the other end, we pedestalize women and believe they are innocent,” he said.

He further said that women have to be viewed as flawless in behavior, and one can only make a judgment of them after they have done something wrong. Daniel described this as unfair and asked women to change their mindset about men, that they are evil just because they expressed their needs.

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