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Daniel Omara To Women: Ask For Permission Before Re-Organizing Your Guy’s House

Decluttering is associated with femininity and women are the most bothered about disarranged spaces compared to males, they try to keep their surroundings as clean and organized as possible.

Even though the trait is not bad in itself according to Daniel Omara, in relationships, especially new ones, women need to seek the opinion of their partners before they decide to re-arrange their places.

He said that bachelors are used to their home spaces and go to them as a haven away from the world despite how disorganized they may look.

“No matter how chaotic it may look to you as a female, we know exactly where everything is. We know that we left one sock under the fridge and another under a dressing cabinet, and we will find them in the morning without asking because we are used to such a setup. So you re-arranging a person’s home is forcing them to re-adapt and re-adjust to their own house based on your standards,” said Daniel.

Daniel was responding to a friend’s query about whether he had done right or had been petty for letting his girlfriend go after she had entirely re-arranged his place.

Speaking about re-arranging men’s places, Daniel said re-structuring a guy’s setup becomes scary because he organizes it to suit his needs as the person staying in the home.

He explained that even as the gesture means no harm, women confuse good intentions with being right.

“I respect women for their ability to organize stuff, but if you want to organize someone’s life, ladies, you need permission which most of you don’t want to ask for because you think our intentions outweigh our authority automatically. It comes out as ‘I want better for you, I automatically know better, and you are the one who doesn’t know what you want,” he added.

Daniel clarified that most men do not want women re-designing their homes because it is imposing and wrong.

He said, “Ladies before you make changes, make suggestions and see what changes are acceptable. You can’t be introducing big paintings and flowers to the house of a man who is a minimalist. There has to be a compromise. Either you create spaces for him and you but not taking control of a person’s house.”

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