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Daniel Omara To Singles: Don’t Steal Other People’s Partners This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s being just a day away, Comedian Daniel Omara has requested single people to quit dating marrieds because of how it psychologically damages the partner that gets cheated on.

He made the pleas during the Hear Me Out Show on Saturday morning after confessing that having gone through the psychological torture of being cheated on, he now understands how hurting it can be.

“Leave other people's partners alone. It doesn't matter how uncaring you are of the idea of love and affection. You can be detached from the concept but you can still have empathy towards someone else, their relationship and how much it would hurt them if you stole their person. So naturally, don't take other people's people especially when you're single,” he advised.

Daniel made the request in reference to a recent sex scandal involving NBS Television Presenter MC Casmir, who was caught at a lodge red-handed with a married woman known as Trice.

“The one question I kept on asking myself was if Casmir inquired if this chick was married. Or, did he know and just didn't care? Because to the person on the receiving end, the pain is special, the betrayal is a different kind of feeling; it's something you can never recover from and might need therapy for. That is why I don't encourage people to ruin other people’s relationships,” he said.

The second tip he said that lovers in specifically “serious” relationships that rightfully should be celebrating Valentine’s Day is to get their partners gifts that can be beneficial to them on a long-term basis.

“If I were in a relationship, I'd buy a box of condoms for my female partner, so that I know that when I am coming over, she has protection, especially if we are not ready to have kids. And ladies; buy your man a mechanical engineer set with stuff like a screwdriver, a rench, a swiss knife and so on so that you don't need to hire someone when there’s something to repair in the house. You could also get your partner a lifetime health care plan. This would work well for people in long-term relationships because in the event that something happens to you, it can benefit them for a while,” he advised.

Furthermore, he advised couples to spice up the day away from the ordinary of wearing red, black and white and playing the same Valentine love songs.

“Spice things up by doing something different this year. Abduct your partner. Send a drone and pick them up, blind fold them just for dramatic effect and after Valentine’s, take them back in the wee hours of the night. Whoever your partner is, go Fifty Shades of Grey on them just without the intense whipping, we don't want them to show up with scars on the back,” he joked.

He continued, “If you're having trouble grasping the Idea of having the excitement in abducting them, just imagine they were a novelist in a dictatorial regime that hates criticism. In that moment be like, ‘I don't like what you said babe. I'm going to come and pick you up but you won't know when.’ If you're freaky enough, do a kakwenza package and vanish together. One could be the general and the other the writer.”

However, he went on to advise people not to end their relationships if their expectations for the day aren't met.

“It’s okay not to celebrate the day if your partner tells you that they don't have money and prefer to just Netflix and chill. If they’ve been taking you out on normal days, don't stress over it because it's also a normal day that has been decorated. As long as you've had great days together, Valentine’s shouldn't be such a big deal. It will just be another day of you two being together.”

Daniel also added that it’s okay to be alone on the day if one is single. “It's perfectly okay, it doesn't mean you don't have a life or people don’t care for you,” he concluded.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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