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Daniel Omara To Men: Resist Sending Women Transport Money

During the Hear Me Out Show today, Daniel Omara advised men to stop sending transport money to their girlfriends, saying there are possibilities of not showing up.

His advice followed a suit in which a small claims court ordered a Nairobian woman to refund her boyfriend’s transport money with interest after she allegedly ate the money and switched off her phone without showing up.

Apparently, the woman received Kshs 3,000 (100,000 Uganda shillings) from her boyfriend as a taxi fare to his birthday party. Upon receiving the money, she switched off her phone and never turned up.

The enraged boyfriend sued her at Milimani’s small claims Court where she was ordered to refund the Kshs 3,000 (UGX100,000) with an interest of Kshs 750 (UGX25,000), and a further Kshs 20,000 (UGX660,000) in damages for the emotional anguish the woman caused him. This is according to a statement that has since gone viral on social media.

Daniel was surprised that small claims suits existed and were functioning.

“I didn’t know we had the legal option to sue people for small claims like these but then I wouldn’t know because I've never sent transport money. To all guys who sent the transport money with good intentions and received nothing in return, I think this is for you,” he said.

Daniel further said that men do not send the money with bad intentions even though they may have some other intentions but if a lady won't give anything in she could as well reject the money.

“This is for all the chics taking transport money and not giving anything in return. it's a transactional world, stuff ain't free. You hustle for the money and send it to someone, and they just eat it! it's rude. Some ladies will justify it with; ‘if you send money, you should be ready to lose it. Now am telling men; stop sending transport money."

“The most you should offer is transport refunds. Let her use her money and refund it after she arrives. Call her a SafeBoda or uber. We all know people get duped but we keep doing it because we think she might be different. No, let her prove it when she shows up,” he said.

However, he was also concerned about the suing culture that is setting foot in Africa where people will begin to sue each other for compensation and damages.

“I see this lawsuit business becoming a proper heavy business. So as I celebrate this win, am doing it with a bit of fear because people might start causing others emotional distress. ‘He ghosted me’ - lawsuit. ‘He kept my underwear’ - lawsuit. But it is what it is,” he concluded.

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