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Daniel Omara to Critics: Which Artists Do You Want To See If Not The Nigerians

At the onset of the month of love, Nigerian artists Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka, commonly known as Chike, and Micheal Adebayo aka Ruger hit Ugandan stages causing fans from all over the country to flood their concerts to get a glimpse of the artists whose songs were rocking the airwaves.

Although Ruger’s first show flopped due to disruptions from the police, fans poured in for his rescheduled concert, as well as Chike’s, whose tickets sold out and left Ugandans begging for more during his performance at Serena hotel in a concert named ‘A Night With Chike’.

As many enjoyed the atmosphere of foreign artists, some Ugandans weren’t happy with Ugandan event organizers. These included television presenters, local artists and critics on social media that accused the event managers for sidelining Uganda’s music industry by flying in foreigns artists instead of supporting their own.

On the Hear Me Out Show today morning, Presenter and Comedian Daniel Omara in disagreement with the critics said that perhaps Ugandans wanted to have a different taste from that of local artistes.

“There are some detractors who say; ‘Why are we bringing in Ruger with his three songs? Why couldn't we have a concert for a Ugandan artist, for example Azawi instead of Chike?’ But the question is which artist would you want to see in place of the Nigerians? Because I don't see anything wrong with having them around. I think most Ugandans just wanted something different.”

He continued, “I get that you want to promote our local artists, I am all for that if they were creating the same number of hits. When Ruger made Bounce, it was a hit and everyone wanted to be part of the hype. It's the same way I feel about Azawi’s music, the only difference is that it doesn't hit Nigeria as it does in Uganda and I think that is where we need to put in work.”

He said that as a comedian, he would be on the side of the critics but couldn't entirely blame the events organizers but rather the audience that consumes and supports the music

“It's the audience dictating. If a promoter picks a Nigerian artist and the feedback is positive and tickets get sold out, then you really can't blame anyone but the audience because it is what it wants. The only people arguing against this are only a handful who weren't fans of the artists. But people just wanted to have fun and let them. If it's not for you, leave it,”

“Yes our Ugandan artists need to be promoted, but it's on us the fans to promote them. If promoters are bringing in Nigerian artists despite all the costs that they pay and sponsors jump on promoting the events, it means there’s money to be made. Everybody sees where they earn and if you're not a fan, chill, relax and stay home like I did because I'm not a fan of either of the artists.”

“I'm not going to complain that Nigerian artists are having big concerts in our country because we are all wawelu. There are no excuses. Ugandans are not simply supporting Ugandan artists and the artists are not making the music that lasts for a long time. So my suggestion is that let's all help each other,” he said.

Ugandans are known for having a strong admiration and love for Nigerian Music that since the reopening of clubs on January 25th, artists such as Chike, Fireboy, Ruger have been booked to perform in Uganda. Other artists that have rocked Ugandan stages include Omah ley and Tems, Wizkid, Burna Boy, D Banj, Tekno,and Patro ranking.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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