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Daniel Omara: The Writer Of Sevo’s Speeches Should Try To Keep Them Short

Presenting Saturday’s Hear Me Out Show on RX Radio, comedy icon and host of the show ranted about the length of the speeches usually made by President Museveni while addressing the nation.

He referred to the Thursday evening address and how no one seems to be bothered by how abrupt it was.

“This thing was announced at the last minute. It's like he was seated, bored, thinking ‘what can we do tonight? Netflix and Chill? And guys were like; ‘we have internet bundles and idle cameras’. ‘We could use the lights from Natasha’s production house and you do a speech,’. And So he did.” said Daniel.

Daniel whined over the pattern of the speeches happening later than the time announced yet prolonged.

“Whoever is writing these speeches, can you at least shorten them? Because I am starting to think that they are deliberately designed to be long and switch us off to stop caring. Because most people log out after the first 10 minutes or listen to it while doing other chores.”

But he confessed that he can not listen to the speech while getting his freak on because like bad music, it would just spoil the rhythm.

He continued that many Ugandans just like him could have stopped listening for the same reasons in addition to the poor listening culture.

President Museveni in the same address urged Ugandans to shift to electric cars away from petrol and diesel in a bid to address the climate change crisis since the cars emit no dangerous gasses, have low maintenance costs, and are also cheaper.

However, Daniel was distressed by the President’s solutions saying “the speeches feel so detached, it's almost sad to listen to. I know Museveni as a brilliant person and intelligent. I always tell people it's getting harder to listen to him.”

“Like fuel prices are so bad nowadays people are carrying their vehicles to work or drinking the fuel so that they can go to work. That's how intense it has gone. So telling people to buy electric cars! How long is it going to take me to save money to buy an electric car which averagely costs 100 million?” He wondered.

Nonetheless, President Museveni stuck to his earlier decision of maintaining the taxes on fuel imported into the country saying that subsidies “will create an artificial comfort for people to think that things are normal and they don’t leave frugally.”

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10 am to Midday on RX Radio.

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