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Daniel Omara: The Situation Of Former Mubs Lecturer Needed A Counselor

According to RX Radio presenter Daniel Omara, if the former Makerere University Business School (MUBS) lecturer Mr. Sabiiti Emmanuel had visited a counselor, he wouldn't have hacked his children to death.

The 70-year-old former languages lecturer at MUBS confessed to murdering his children, alleging continuous provocation by his wife, that in several arguments, told him that the children weren't his.

Daniel Omara, The Fatboy Show presenter, condemned the act and the murder of the maid who was hacked together with Mr. Sabiiti’s children. He believed in solving such situations amicably.

However, he noticed the presence of psychological torture given that Mr. Sabiiti got constantly reminded that the children he had nurtured weren't his.

“If you were in a marriage and you are constantly reminded that the children are not yours, that is like advanced psychological warfare. It's the most messed up way to deal a blow to someone’s confidence, ego, and sanity,” Daniel asserted.

He continued, “to be clear, am not encouraging killing people because you're angry, and I’m not saying there was an absence of mental torture. It's a tricky scenario because while I sympathize with what he was dealing with as a guy, I think he could have handled the situation differently.”

In his defense, the retired lecturer accused his wife of blocking him from being part of the bar and lodge business he had established for her. He further accused her of bearing a child outside their marriage that she claimed was Sabiiti's, yet the couple hadn't slept together in 2 years.

But Olive posited that when starting businesses for their wives, men should be clear as to whether it's a partnership or solely belongs to the wife. However, Daniel opined denying the husband inclusion into the business confirmed the suspicions of cheating he had about his wife.

He said, “This was a result of multiple frustrations over a period of time combined with agitation. But murder wasn't the answer. Conversations needed to be had in this situation, and I think both of them had to see a counselor because if they were together for years and she kept reminding him the children weren't his, the question would be why? Because if the children aren't yours, and you have invested in them and the business, they needed to re-evaluate the status of this relationship.”

He insisted that Mr. Sabiiti’s compiled frustration needed him to see a counselor because the situation would have been dealt with differently.

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