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Daniel Omara: The Nyege Nyege Debate Was Part Of A PR Strategy

Daniel Omara argued that the parliamentarians' debate on the Nyege Nyege festival and the call for its cancelation was a PR strategy.

During Saturday’s episode of Hear Me Out Show, Daniel asserted that the discussions around the festival were meant to popularize than cancel it.

"We've seen this strategy work before. This wasn't the first time calling for the cancelation of Nyege Nyege. In 2018, Lokodo was against it alleging that it was immoral. Surprisingly, he never said anything about corruption, MPs having stray children or term limits, and the violation of the constitution but his issue was pornography," Daniel explained.

But his guest host Sir Wilfred believed it was a conspiracy theory that had one of the mafias in government cut out of a deal and decided to threaten its cancellation.

Daniel explained that the Nyege Nyege festival is not an immoral event but one where people choose to do and behave in a way they want to.

"It's like me going for the Jazz festival, then I end up on some orgy stuff at the top floor of Serena hotel. The event didn't plan that, we made that part of our experience at the event," he said.

But even then, Wilfred found the concept of publicizing the event by trying to cancel it as a strategy gone wrong, which could backfire next time.

Daniel maintained that the festival has gained popularity as intended, and the organizers, sponsors, and ticket sales have all continued to go up.

Additionally, he advised couples to desist from going with their partners because the chances of breaking up are high.

"Do not take your partner with you because there is a chance that you might lose them. And do not let them go alone because if they do, be ready to lose them. A lot of unpredictable things happen there," he advised.

Since the venue hosts people with different intentions, Daniel advised them to take precautions on what they eat and drink.

"There are both good and bad people and not everyone that goes to the event goes for fun. Some go to work," he said.

Still to couples, Daniel advised that partners not to allow their significant others to engage in marketing, sales, product, or service provision.

But for those that can't hesitate to attend with their lovers, he advised getting into calmer spaces because they tend to be secure and are hard to access by ruffians and thieves due to the conditions.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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