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Daniel Omara: The Gov’t Should Stop Admitting Failures Into Education Courses

Last week, social media was awash by a video recorded by a teacher showing toddlers engaging in sexual acts. The video caused mixed reactions from the public, and many questioned the teacher's integrity when she instructed the pupils to demonstrate what they were doing.

Reacting to the same video, Daniel Omara asked the government to revise the criteria when admitting students to education courses at different institutions.

He expressed dismay over the 1-minute and 10 seconds video and expressed concern over the threats directed by the teacher toward the pupils.

Many people on social media were enraged about the teacher’s deeds of forcing the children to repeat the adult actions while she filmed. Many called for her arrest, while others thought the teacher was unprofessional.

According to Daniel Omara, children emulate what they see. “It is possible that they watched the acts somewhere and tried to re-create them. Therefore, shaming them can not solve the problem,” he said.

Daniel opined that the issue could have been solved by engaging the children and their parents in a conversation and counseling session.

“As a teacher, you have to come up with a strategy that enables you to talk to both the children and the parents and have the issue resolved without ruining their psychology.”

He argued that even though the children may have done wrong, their actions did not justify them being recorded because the video could damage their reputations in the future.

“Not everyone is meant to be a teacher. That is why we need to revise the whole setup of the system that stops giving education courses to people who failed to get the courses they wanted. That implies that teachers we leave in charge of our kids are failures. And you don’t see the irony of that statement? You breed more failures who later become teachers,” Daniel posited.

He suggested that the government should come up with new criteria to sieve people in the teaching profession and not just have it as a backup option.

He asked the government to pay teachers in time to reduce the frustrations that could force them to do intolerable things. He affirmed and condemned the acts and called for the firing of the teacher that made the children repeat what they did as she recorded them.

“Please pay the teachers, do not undermine education because these people are raising other people’s children. If you don't take care of them, this becomes one of the results," he said.

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