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Daniel Omara: The Devil Is A Cockroach

A common dark brown household pest that is gross to most people was described by Daniel Omara as the devil due to its unique survival tactics, the most bizarre being it being able to live without its head for upto a week.

According to PestWorld, a Nairobi-based pest control organisation, cockroaches can live a week without their heads because their circulatory system is located on their abdomens with small holes that they use to breathe. They only die after a week due to thirst from lack of water but not even food.

More fascinating still, cockroaches can go a month without feeding because they are cold-blooded insects that tend to use little energy when there is no food and will only move around for basic activities that will help them survive.

“I think the devil is a cockroach, that’s if there's one. Because those things are just built to withstand everything. If you think about hell philosophically, fire and brimstone, that's a crab load of radiation. I think it's a bunch of cockroaches running the place probably with no AC,” he said.

According to research, cockroaches are able to withstand intense amounts of radiation. While the radiation from nuclear bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki is confirmed to have been at 1000 randon units (rads) and was fatal to humans, coackroaches were survived the destruction.

Although many thought this as a myth, when exposed to even more radiation of upto10,000, about 30 percent can still survive and this is attributed to their slower cell reproduction. They can however be destroyed by the radiation only if undergoing their moulting process or exo skeleton growth process when they are more vulnerable and weak.

Co-host James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, was curious to know whether flying cockroaches could still fly with their heads off.

“I think they can still fly, it's just to where to though? If I didn't have my head and I had wings I’d just sit there and wait it out,” Daniel replied.

Fatboy said that as disgusting as cockroaches are, when they are able to fly, they become terrorists. “Have you ever been in the house and there’s cockroaches flying around? If you wanna see a woman scream, have those things flying around.”

Daniel concluded by saying that it was proof of how cockroaches are the devil, adding that something practically immune to death and having wings proves that Satan is a cockroach.

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