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Daniel Omara: Society Has Failed To Address The Recurring Violence In The Mayanja Family

Last week, rumors circulated on social media alleging that Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo had battered his wife beyond physical recognition. This sparked public outrage about the musician’s inability to manage his anger.

The furious Weasel is alleged to have rushed to Nomads bar in Bunga on claims that his girlfriend Sandra Teta had left their two children unattended to at home, while she went to party.

According to eyewitnesses, Weasel dropped their two children outside the bar, calling out Teta to pick them up as he angrily hurled obscenities at her. Weasel still accused her of having an affair with the bar owner who is also her boss.

It is alleged that after the incidents, Weasel battered her. Teta however refuted the claims on her Instagram saying she was hit by goons on Friday last week who also robbed her bag and ran off with 1.3 million shillings.

A section of people is still dissatisfied with Teta’s statements claiming that she was forbidden from speaking about the issue as her children are being held.

The public, via social media, was concerned about the escalating reports of violence by the Mayanja family against different people.

“This is something we have failed to address in society. The common history of violence in the Mayanja family,” Daniel Omara commented during the Hear Me Out show.

“Have you ever gone a year without seeing either of the three brothers in an altercation? Sometimes it's with other people, or themselves, we've heard of houseboys being burnt in compounds. There have been sagas surrounding these brothers about violence,”

He further wondered why the security agencies have not acted on the claims of violence that keep rising adding that the reports seem to only come out in a convenient time, for instance, claims of Joseph Mayanja aka Chameleone burning a houseboy to death came out when he was switching political sides in the 2021 campaigns.

“That means so much is known about these guys that is not talked about until it's convenient for the narrative of a particular group of people and then it can be used against them. They must be in the right circles and we can’t do anything,” Daniel said.

Further, he opined that if Teta is covering up for Weasel, it sabotages the public’s efforts to help.

“We can’t do anything if the victim won't tell us what the exact situation is. All we are doing now is speculate. We can make our claims and noise but it doesn't matter if she doesn’t explain what happened.” Daniel said.

In addition, Daniella Atim, Jose Chamelon’s wife confirmed the domestic violence her brother-in-law has been inflicting on Teta for years on her Instagram account. She provided different pictures to emphasize her point. She also called out feminists to join in the struggle and help Teta out of the toxic relationship with Weasel.

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