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Daniel Omara: Our African Presidents Were On A Bus To Birmingham But So Were Leaders Of Other Races

Daniel Omara has commented on the transportation of African leaders in a bus on Monday this week, as they headed for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Birmingham Palace in the UK.

Apart from thanking President Museveni for keeping his dignity and rejecting the collective transport means, Daniel reasoned that perhaps he did because he had to leave his mobile lavatory behind.

“People were mad about how our African leaders were on a bus, but even dignitaries of other races were on the same bus but no one is talking about it. The fact is we are just so used to victimhood. But If I may ask, what have African leaders done to have the power to drive into Buckingham palace, especially for a major event like this one?” He asked.

Further, he contemplated that Buckingham Palace did not have the space to accommodate all the convoys that would have transported dignitaries from all over the world.

Among the African leaders pictured on the bus were Kenya’s William Ruto, Tanzania’s Suluhu Hassan, and Uganda’s Jeje Odongo representing President Museveni. Other leaders on the bus included Canada’s Justin Trudeau, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, China’s Wang Qishan, and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro.

“It was dis- ingenious for people to make it appear as though only African presidents used a bus. This was a general arrangement. Those that got in with their cars were people with negotiating power. The Arabs, because they have oil and Biden because they are the so-called leaders of the free world,” Daniel defended.

He also complained about how African leaders still attend conferences in European countries to solve their problems but later act like victims.

“We talk about how our leaders are treated, yet the truth is they lack in their departments. We cannot be independent for this long and still blame other people’s faults for our positions. At this point, we should admit that it's us, the leadership, and the mentality towards it because we can not always play the victim.”

Referring to the colonial period, he cited how fellow blacks sold each other out to the whites and how it is still ongoing as neocolonialism today. He added that, since these are dependent nations, it would be delusional to expect that African Presidents would be treated special.

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