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Daniel Omara: Men Should Marry When They Are Much Older

The Fatboy Show presenter Daniel Omara has proposed that men marry at a stage when they are much older now that there are fewer threats to life than in the past.

He referred to a research study indicating that getting married at 25 and above significantly reduces the risk of divorce by over 60 percent, compared to someone getting married in their teens or early twenties.

“60-70 years ago, marrying in your early twenties was probably the best thing to do. The economy was different, the average life expectancy was probably 50, and most diseases were incurable. Nowadays, a lot is fixed, so it is advisable to take your time. I advise guys to get married a lot later to younger women,”

However, the duo thought it is harder for women to get married when they have a high body count because it gets hard for them to survive in marriage.

“I’ve seen the statistics, for women, the higher the body count, the less likely to survive in marriage because it becomes harder for them to bond with any man. For men, sex is not our bonding. If we like a woman, we like her, unlike women who will require an emotional connection,” said Daniel.

The presenters argued that older men should marry younger women because they usually have lesser emotional baggage and tend to respect men older than them.

“She might have probably had a string of relationships that did not work out that might have got her emotionally damaged. When she comes to the new relationship, the partner has to bear, whereas a younger woman may enter a relationship with greater optimism,” said Fatboy.

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