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Daniel Omara: Many Men Make A Mistake Of Friend-zoning Themselves

Daniel Omara, the Fatboy Show presenter, has advised fellow men to be deliberate about their actions when they intend to pursue a woman.

He said that it is delusional for a guy to pursue a woman by trying to be friends with her first.

“Several guys make the mistake of acting like a friend first until they feel ready to move to the next level. At that time, a woman has gauged whether you are capable of being put to the next level. If you come as a friend giving church hugs, you put yourself in a position you don't want to be in. Many guys start that way, but it is hardly successful,” he said.

James Onen, also called Fatboy, added that that only works when the woman has run out of options and that man who has been waiting in the friend zone is the only one still available.

Daniel in addition said, “as a guy, clearly state your intentions. Many guys want to play as friends and hope to switch it up one day but that switch-up will not work for you.”

However, for people who were very close friends, he said it is understandable when one gets attracted to the other. However, he insisted that it's different from one friend-zoning themselves hoping to become something more later.

Asked how one can then move out of the friend zone, Daniel replied that calls for re-branding.

“You need to go extreme, be a whole other type of guy, wield another kind of energy and be someone she will look at as more than a friend and respect because a woman may like you as a friend but not necessarily respect you as a man.”

To him, getting out of a friend zone takes a lot more than money because it requires a guy to change so as to have the woman view him as a potential suitor.

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