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Daniel Omara: Male Contraceptives Are Unnecessary

According to the Hear Me Out show Host Daniel Omara, male contraceptives are unnecessary because men became creative with their own birth control measures, in addition to those available.

His comments were in response to new male contraceptive pills that were tested and proven to be 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy.

The tests carried out by US researchers began with clinical trials on mice and are to ensue on human males during the second quarter of the year. The essence is to split the burden of contraceptive use between both genders through making more options available to both parties.

Daniel went on to add that over the years, men have become more innovative using measures such as toothpaste, withdrawal, imagining a picture of one’s grandmother in the moment, condoms as well as vasectomy.

As shocking as it would sound for toothpaste to act as a means of birth control, Daniel disclosed, “Mbu toothpaste on the tip delays the process, apparently something about calcium and mint that cools down your ‘guy.’ I never knew toothpaste would be a contraceptive yet we were just putting it in our mouths!” He said to his Co host Kenny Rukundo, a guest on the show.

Further claiming that the pill is needless, Daniel opined that the burden of carrying a pregnancy falls on women who will sometimes insist on having live intercourse. “It's like saying; we have to teach women financial literacy when they are spending a guy’s money and yet it’s not their money, and your brokenness is not their problem. So it’s for you to be careful with your money and it's the same message I put out to women; the burden of pregnancy is on you and if you insist on keeping it, there’s nothing we can do to change that,” he said.

The fact that women would still choose to keep pregnancies without the discretion of their male partners, according to Daniel, placed more emphasis on the irrelevance of the male pill. However, he believes the development will be a much needed relief for entertainers.

He gave reference to artists Chris Brown and Drake, who got their two first children from random hookups and were allegedly embarrassed to show them off to the public.

On the contrary though, his guest Kenny, an actor, model and influencer said he would not mind taking the contraceptive pill.

“I might consider having two of those pills just in case, because there was this one time when I was with this babe and after the first round, I was exhausted. I had to go for a meeting but she told me she wouldn’t take the pill until we had a second round. If this idea of the pill was there then, I'd be like; ‘I don't care, bye!’” he said.

However, Daniel maintained that he wouldn't take the pills as he would rather stick to the traditional birth control use of condoms. “I’d rather take my chances with a condom because honestly, I am not going live with you if I don't know you well enough to.”

Daniel though said that he might reconsider this after seeing successful trials of the male contraceptive pills on men.

He further advised women to use their own contraceptives if they don't trust a man who might lie that they are on the male pill since trapping one with a child can be done by either party.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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