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Daniel Omara Makes Request To Terrorists

During the Hear Me Out Show today morning, RX Radio presenter Daniel Omara decried the recent attacks made by terrorists in different parts of the country and asked terrorists to spare the population since Ugandans are already facing difficult times.

“Why, out of all of the countries, would you bomb Uganda? I know that our leaders and the UPDF have been disorganizing terrorist activities in neighbouring counties, but we the people have nothing to do with this,” he reasoned.

“Ugandans have never signed a petition to send soldiers to Somalia, I wouldn’t sign it because most soldiers are northerners and I wouldn't send my people to die in another land. So why come after civilians yet there is an army that could give you a fair fight?”

Daniel, concerned about the effects of the pandemic on the population and Uganda ranking number 9 globally at alcohol consumption, wondered as to whether this doesn't give the terrorists a reason to be sympathetic to the citizens.

“You can't start bombing us when we have had a consistent bombardment of government failures and frustrations. I mean, we can't even eat our own Nile perch for Christ's sake, so why are you like this?” he went on to lament.

However, he stated that Ugandans have been hardened by tough situations and the negligence of the government during these hard times is just a sign that the attacks are hitting a barren land.

“Our government has already done a better job intimidating us for 30 years, so you’re all looking like amateurs to us. This business opportunity has already been taken and there’s no way you will be more relevant than the people we have here.”

Moreso, he was concerned about why the Islamic state that detests pork would buy pork for people before bombing them

“I don't understand why you would buy revellers' pork that you discourage and then blow them up unless your intention was to make an actual mess. At least let me die on an empty stomach because that is what the government did to some people during the lockdown by not letting them have access to food.”

“ There's already enough suffering in Uganda. Please go away. You may be mad but there’s a whole army you can fight unless you are too cowardly to handle a proper challenge,” Daniel joked.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10a.m to Midday on RX Radio.

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