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Daniel Omara: Kevin Samuel’s Death Is A Loss To Society As A Whole

At the time of his death, the 56 year old Kevin Samuels was known for his blunt advice on relationships and dating extended particularly to black women via his YouTube channel.

Describing himself as an image consultant, Kevin Samuels always said that he was a male rights activist and many believed that he used his platform to air out sexist views towards women and being stereotypical of men. He did this through offering black women advice packaged with criticism.

On the contrary, a remarkable number of people appreciated his advice as the bitter but real truth that black women and male viewers needed to understand and make better choices in the relationship and dating world.

In his videos, Samuels used his knowledge to advise women to consider their values based on their age, appearance, income and number of children before wanting a “perfect man” and disregarding the average ones.

These were the major areas that solicited contention and backlash from the black community and mostly women who thought his advice and sentiments were derogatory and enhanced the traditional divide between men and women.

However, the Hear Me Out Presenter Daniel Omara, unlike critics that were celebrating the YouTuber's death which was attributed to cardiac arrest, said that Samuel’s death was a loss not only to the black community but also the rest of society.

“I think his death was a loss not just to men, but to the entire black community and society as a whole. Because I've often read his comments and seen Serbians. Now based on what I saw in his videos, he was dealing with a masculinity crisis in the US and one of his first issues was that, the man that black women respect is the government. But check how it intensifies single motherhood,” Daniel said.

Daniel, a supporter of the late Samuels, argued that he offered realistic advice that even men could be recognised, for instance the logic of having children after marriage.

“He was a proponent of marriage pushing for the ‘marry before you carry’ philosophy, of being in an established relationship before you decide to have his baby. And it got me thinking, well I'm not female but it makes sense,” he said.

Agreeing to this, a guest host on the show, Wilfred Mujuzi said that Samuels tailored his message bluntly to shock women out of their delusion. Even though it was termed as crude, it was the truth.

In addition, Daniel quoted a female friend who told him that women focus on their emotions more than solving the cause of the problem.

“I have a lot of female friends and they have this girl power thing of whatever you do, its solely based on how you feel. Now if you go into any negotiation or argument with a mentality that your feelings have to dictate how things turn out, isn't that how we got Will Smith and the slapgate?” he asked.

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