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Daniel Omara: Its Annoying That Most Ugandans Are Always Unclear About Their Location

On the RX Radio today morning, The Fatboy Show presenter Daniel Omara said that he hates the way Ugandans normalized lying about their locations keeping someone wait for them longer.

Daniel together with James Onen commonly known as Fatboy were commenting on a research study which concluded that the average waiting time for humans is 45-60 mins a day. This means that during the day a person will be idle for close to an hour each day waiting for something or someone.

The average estimation made the presenters believe that Ugandans must be spending far higher time waiting or doing nothing. Fatboy, being a victim, said that in his observations at various supermarkets and malls across the country, there is a similar absence of cashiers at the registers making people spend hours in queues.

“One of the places I hate waiting most are the supermarkets and all of them are guilty of this. There can be like 20 tills and only two of them have clerks. And I always find myself getting into arguments with the managers of these supermarkets asking them where the other clerks be,”said Fatboy.

Similar to bank tellers, Daniel added that it is frustrating and it is one of the reasons he moves with his computer with the belief that he might get to work anytime because he is somehow always waiting for someone.

“You know the most annoying thing for me in Uganda is how unclear people are about their location like ‘no i'm just here at the roundabout, 5 minutes away. Yet they haven't left home and they live in Najjera. You are at Centenary Park. Thats so frustrating,” says Daniel.

He added that to his notice he realized that when Ugandans are late, they become mute and wait to show up and explain that they have done something first.

“Someone can be late for an appointment and they just go quiet, stop picking calls, just expect to show up and be like, ‘sorry I was caught up’ and yet you could have simplified this whole process by simply saying that “hey am stuck in traffic, I'll be running about 15 minutes late, apologies for the inconveniences, but ill be there” and you communicate that before the time you're supposed to meet.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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